Mode Specific Dispatch Software –

Our dispatch software was designed from the “Ground Up”, and applies the most advanced technologies available in the intermodal transportation industry.

Dispatch Planning and Management –

Integrated directly from order entry, we have the capabilities to create unlimited and unique dispatch boards specific to the various needs of our customers. These custom applications could include; Cut offs, last free days, types of moves, trailer/container pools, pools with specific requirements…etc… Also, by color coding specific actions, we can identify and prioritize information pertinent to our customer’s specifications.

Equipment Control –

Trailer, container, and truck/driver pools can be created and maintained on part or whole to fulfill our customer’s requirements.

Interchange Agreement Management –

Our dispatch system allows us the opportunity to modify, or change at any time the interchange calculations based upon a number of combinations. In doing so, it has allowed us to control per diem and storage charges, giving us the ability to notify our customers in advance of potential charges.

Dispatch/Container Tracking Details –

As with any automated system, the most important feature is the ability to track every “Action” or “Leg” associated with the shipment. We can give an accurate account as to the date and time of each specific movement. We accomplish this by utilizing real time text messaging, in addition to our wireless radio communications, to continually update our system.

Automated Email Notifications –

Any special requirements or information pertaining to our customers shipments status, can be set up in our automated emailing program. This allows us to automatically forward information to predetermined email addresses.

Integrated Document Scanning –

All of our paperwork is scanned and attached to your original order. At anytime, we have the ability to call up your load and produce the scanned image by emailing, faxing and (or) mailing.

Customer Profiles –

Our customer profile module allows us to identify specific customer information to insure accuracy as well as allow us to identify key documents that can be automatically forwarded by either email or fax.

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